White Stripes – (The White Stripes inspired tone)


The White Stripes became known for their hit Seven Nation Army, but their catalogue is quite extensive. This preset is modelled around Jack White’s cleanish sound but also provides some goodies for those wanting to replicate the song Seven Nation Army.

For Seven Nation Army, Scene A gets you that down-pitched bass sound. Scene B gets you a bluesy, clean sound that’s perfect for the Seven Nation Army chorus and other White Stripes tracks. Scenes C and D are for the Seven Nation Army solo, where the pitch changes.

  • Scene A is the down-pitched bass from Seven Nation Army
  • Scene B is the slightly gained sound you hear on a lot of White Stripes songs
  • Scene C is an octave-down fuzz for the Seven Nation Army solo
  • Scene D is an octave-up fuzz for the Seven Nation Army solo (the second half where it pitches up)

These demos were recorded on an Epiphone Casino with stock P90 pickups in the neck position. Apologies in advance for the solo, it was completely improvised and we didn’t have a slide to play it like how Jack White does.

Scene A (in a mix)

Scene B (in a mix)

Scene C & D (in a mix)

Scene A (isolated)

Scene B (isolated)

Scene C & D (isolated)

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Disclaimer: Like most presets, don’t expect a plug-and-play experience. Depending on your guitar, pickups, strings and playing, this preset might sound different after purchase. Where possible, we will assist all customers with tweaking their presets to get their desired tone. All the demos you hear of these presets are not mastered; they have not been mixed or double-tracked. All demos are single-tracked guitars. For clone presets especially, what you hear in the song results from layered tracks, production and other studio additions to get that sound. The guitars themselves in the mix sound different.



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