Talented Billy (Billy Talent inspired tone)


A Billy Talent-inspired preset. Use in Stomp Mode and play to get that clean Billy Talent sound. For choruses and heavier parts, stomp on B to enable the overdrive pedal. This preset was created using a Fender Telecaster with stock pickups. Depending on the type of pickup you have, you might need to dial down the bass on this preset or adjust the volume. The standard non-overdriven sound is clean sounding, and the overdrive makes it gritty when you stomp it.

Billy Talent don’t really change their tone all too much. So, this preset will cover pretty much everything, including the newer stuff as well as, the older material.

Non-Overdriven Sound

Overdriven Sound (used for choruses and leads)

Disclaimer: Like most presets, don’t expect a plug and play experience. Depending on your guitar, pickups, strings and playing, this preset might sound different after purchase. We will assist all customers with tweaking their presets to get their desired tone. All of the demos that you hear of these presets are not mastered; they have not been mixed and are not double-tracked. All demos are single-tracked guitars. For clone presets especially, what you hear in the song is a result of layered tracks, production and other studio additions to get that sound, the guitars themselves in the mix sound different.

Important: After placing your order, please allow upwards of 24 hours for your presets to be made available. Due to how the Neural DSP Cortex Cloud currently works, you will need to befriend our profile, and presets will be shared with you. Make sure you add the user “Beggars” on Cortex Cloud.


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