La Grange by ZZ Top (Free clone tone)


A clone preset of the legendary rock track La Grange by ZZ Top. To get the clean intro sound, roll back the volume knob on your guitar and turn it up for the distorted parts. This is a free preset available on the Neural DSP cloud and can be found here. No need to add this preset to your cart.

All of these demos were recorded on a Fender Telecaster with stock pickups in the bridge position.

Intro Clean (guitar volume rolled back)

Distorted Riff #1

Distorted Riff #2

Disclaimer: Like most presets, don’t expect a plug and play experience. Depending on your guitar, pickups, strings and playing, this preset might sound different after purchase. Where possible, we will assist all customers with tweaking their presets to get their desired tone. All of the demos that you hear of these presets are not mastered; they have not been mixed in any way and are not double-tracked. All demos are single-tracked guitars. For clone presets especially, what you hear in the song is a result of layered tracks, production and other studio additions to get that sound, the guitars themselves in the mix sound different.


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