Monuments (Monuments inspired tone)


As far as modern metal sounds go, Djent would have to be one of the most sought-after styles. Known for its quaky/squeaky/chikka-chikka type sound, djent has proven it is more than just hype. It is here to stay. In this preset for the Quad Cortex, we present to you one of the most tweaked and hands-on presets we have ever designed.

If you are after that scratchy and super-gated rhythm tone of John Browne from Monuments. This preset gets you there. Unlike other modern tones, John Browne doesn’t use a lot of gain, his sound is quite low-gain, and he relies on hard picking to get a more aggressive sound.

There is a disclaimer at the bottom (like all of our presets), but for this preset, we want to reiterate something. You must make adjustments depending on your guitar, especially your pickups. Please also know that this gated sound requires a strong picking hand and control over your guitar. Make sure you are effectively muting your strings and picking hard. John Browne of Monuments is a notoriously hard picker, and he downpicks a lot of his stuff in James Hetfield style.

If you are not a hardpicker, you can bump up the gain a little on the amp to compensate or use a gain boost right at the beginning of the signal.

Demo #1

Recorded on a PRS SVN 7 string guitar with Alpha and Omega pickups.

Disclaimer: Like most presets, don’t expect a plug-and-play experience. Depending on your guitar, pickups, strings and playing, this preset might sound different after purchase. Where possible, we will assist all customers with tweaking their presets to get their desired tone. All of the demos you hear of these presets are not mastered; they have not been mixed and are not double-tracked. All demos are single-tracked guitars, for clone presets especially, what you hear in the song results from layered tracks, production and other studio additions to get that sound. The guitars themselves in the mix sound different.

Important: After placing your order, please allow up to 24 hours for your presets to be available. Due to how the Neural DSP Cortex Cloud currently works, you must befriend our profile and presets will be shared with you. Make sure you add the user “Beggars” on Cortex Cloud.


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