Falling Away (Korn inspired tone)


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This preset is modelled after the song Falling Away From Me by Korn. It is from their well-known album Issues, which had some awesome tracks and creative effects. This was a tricky one to work out for the intro. We couldn’t tell if it was a flanger, chorus, or tremolo. Listening to this song about 50 times to get a match for the intro sound alone.

It turns out you need to add in five different effects to get that intro sound.

  • Scene A is the eery intro
  • Scene B is the Korn distortion

Scene A intro

Disclaimer: Like most presets, don’t expect a plug-and-play experience. Depending on your guitar, pickups, strings and playing, this preset might sound different after purchase. Where possible, we will assist all customers with tweaking their presets to get their desired tone. All of the demos you hear of these presets are not mastered; they have not been mixed and are not double-tracked. All demos are single-tracked guitars. For clone presets especially, what you hear in the song results from layered tracks, production and other studio additions to get that sound. The guitars themselves in the mix sound different.


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