Can You Use Neural DSP Plugins on the Quad Cortex?

For many, the deciding factor in purchasing the Neural DSP Quad Cortex was the promise of using the Neural DSP plugins on it (and the capture feature too). So far, plugin support has yet to arrive (but it is being worked on), which has been disappointing to some.

So, while the answer to the question proposed in the title is no, there are still ways you can use your Quad Cortex with your favourite Archetype plugin (I am digging the Henson plugin at the moment).

Capture them

The capture feature on the Quad Cortex can not only capture pedals, amp heads and amp cabinets. It can also be used to capture amp plugins.

By following the capture process, you can capture Archetype: Henson, Archetype: Nolly and all of your favourite Neural DSP plugins to use on your device. The only downside is that the settings are fixed at the point of capture, so you’ll need to do another capture for each variation.

While the captures are a lot better than you would expect and more than adequate, capturing the NDSP plugins will never produce the intended result many would expect from the plugins. Still, better than the alternative which is nothing.

Quad Cortex as DI

The Quad Cortex can be used as a DI box. Ideally, if you go down that path nothing will beat a dedicated DI box, but the QC can do DI functionality quite well.

For this approach, you simply direct the direct output into your DAW and then add the relevant Neural DSP plugin to the track. In most cases your DAW track will be set to “Input 1” which is the DI from the Quad Cortex.

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Can You Use Neural DSP Plugins on the Quad Cortex?

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